TOSHIBA Click Mini – your ultimate travel companion


Would you rather have a laptop or a tablet? A laptop is multi-functional, it has the handy keyboard you can use if you fancy to type a lot of text or answer emails swiftly. While a tablet is always handy, it switches on faster and it’s easer to use for small presentations or just to have on the plane to watch movies.

Well, let us introduce you to the laptop that is also a tablet. This new TOSHIBA Click Mini comes with a detachable keyboard that easily transforms the tablet into a handy laptop.

And the computer itself also packs a punch. It comes with your usual Windows 8.1 – yes, the normal system you would use on your usual laptop, and you can use it in the tablet mode as well! This means that you can use your Word, Excel & PowerPoint just like you would on a traditional laptop. Plus, the de-attachable keyboard has an extra battery in it, which gives you an extra 6 hours of battery life on top of the 7 hours that the tablet already has.

On top of this, it has all the possible handy connections you want and the ones you’d usually find on the laptop and that lack of your usual tablets. We’re talking HDMI connection (for connecting your tablet to the TV), and SD slot (for playing your holiday videos or photos) and much more and a USB 2.0 slot to connect the peripherals like your travel camera.

Here are some detailed specifications if you’re into numbers:

Processor: Next gen Intel® Atom™ processor for tablets Z3735F
Screen: 8.9″ Toshiba multi-touch high brightness display with wide viewing angle
Storage: 32GB Solid State Drive
Memory: 2 GB
Operating System: Windows 8.1
Battery: 7h in tablet mode and 13h in laptop mode
Connection: SD card slot, Micro-SD card slot, USB 2.0 slot + Micro HDMI-out
Included Extras: Office 365 subscription, McAfee LiveSafe 30-day trial, 1TB OneDrive Cloud storage

And since you might need something mobile and handy for the summer holiday we’re having a summer special for this product at a €299 right now (was €329). Isn’t that for the great news. Want to see the tablet in action? Come by the shop and we’ll give you an extensive presentation.

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