Service & Repairs Computers has over 20 years experience in computer service and repair. We have a team of qualified computer technicians familiar with Microsoft and Macintosh computers.

Our services include:

  • Hard drive replacement or upgrade – if your current hard drive is failing or has failed, a new hard drive can get it back up and running without the expense of buying a new computer.  We install the new hard drive, re-install your operating system and also restore your data from your old hard drive. We can also install anti-virus software on the new drive.
  • Operating System Install / Upgrade – we can install any operating system on your PC or laptop and can help you upgrade to the most recent versions of Microsoft Windows. We’ll also configure your computer to run the operating system as efficiently as possible.
  • Performance Tune Up – we run diagnostics on your computer and help get your computer running faster through steps like removing temporary files, tuning the computer’s registry and upgrading software.
  • Data Transfer and Backup – we can help you back up and secure personal or business information.
  • Virus Removal and IT Security – we can scan your computer and remove all viruses, spyware and trojans. We can also install anti-virus and firewall software for you to help protect your computer in future.
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