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MicroPro.ie, based in Rathfarnham in Dublin, supplies high quality desktop computers from leading brands including Toshiba, Samsung and HP.  We can provide help and advice when you are selecting your PC, and we can also help you choose the best software.  Whether you are buying a computer for your office or school, we can provide with a great range of options that meet your requirements.  And because we only stock high quality brands you can be confident that your computer will be reliable and robust.

How To Select a PC

There are a few different elements to consider when choosing your laptop.  The biggest factors are:

  • Which operating system you want?
  • What kind of processor?
  • What memory and hard drive size do you want?

Which Operating System

The two most common computer operating systems are Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X Mountain Lion, with about 90% of PCs running Windows.  There is a broader selection of software available for Windows based PCs.


The performance of a computer is determined by the speed of its processor (the computer’s “engine”) as well as the amount of memory and the hard disk size.  Processors are classified as single core, dual core and quad core.  Your choice will depend on how you plan to use your PC (e.g. for gaming, watching videos, email etc.). The staff at MicroPro ® can show you a range of options so you can compare performance and price across computers and brands.

Memory and Hard Drive

Generally, the more memory you have the faster your computer will perform.  Hard disk size determines how much content (documents, images and video) you can store on your computer.  Our staff can explain the options and suggest what specification suits your needs.

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