#FridayFive: 5 great things about Windows 10


Since Wednesday you can download Windows 10 on your computer in a few easy steps. And either you have already done so, still considering or hearing about this for the first time we’ve found 5 great reasons for you to enjoy the new update.

1. It’s free. As easy as that, and if you don’t know how to get it now just use these handy guidelines from Microsoft.

2. The Start Menu is back to the bottom-left side as per the previous Windows versions. It combines a handy on-screen menu with the block app selection of the Windows 8 so you can find a program easier, especially if you still can’t get used to that menu that covers the entire screen.windows-start-menu

3. Notifications Centre aka Action Centre. Want to get notifications from your news, email or social apps as they happen, you can now enable these in the Action Centre and get pop-up notifications on the right of the screen, or review them later in bulk. To do that just follow simple steps over here.

4. The Edge – the new Microsoft web browser. It’s more simple, has a new super dynamic search option and comes with a possibility to doodle or add notes right to the page and send it off to someone.

5. Cortana allows you to speak to your computer. From the computer search to the search on the Internet, just tell Cortana (Window’s browsing system) what you’re looking for an it will find it. It might not always be 100% accurate, but it’s sure fun to imagine you have your own Jarvis at home. It can schedule your meetings, sync your tasks with your phone (if you have a Windows phone it’s easier, but there’s a way to do things with other phones too) and much more. Just give it a try.

Bonus: Windows Hello will soon allow you to use face or eye iris recognition technology to access your computer instead of typing in the password the boring non-sci-fi-y way. Actually, you can already do it, if, you have the right computer with the 3D infrared camera installed, of which there are very few on the market at the moment.

Extra bonus: you just have to see how the new Windows 10 Desktop picture was made. It will get you to appreciate it a tad bit more.

You can register to get the Windows 10 on your computer by clicking the Windows logo on the botttom-right corner of your computer screen. Alternatively you can follow this link for a more manual install with no waiting time required.

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