Keyboard shortcuts can save you tonns of time, and you probably know of and are using the likes of Ctrl+P & Ctrl+F, but there are some of the keyboard shortcuts you’re likely not using just yet but that will save you time with something you’re using often. Here’s our favourite five:

1. CTRL+Shift+T (or CMND+Shift+T on Mac) – Close the tab you have accidentally closed in your browser.

2. WINDOWS + M (or CMND+Option+M) – Minimize all open windows at once. Want to bring them back up? Just hit Windows+Shift+M.

3. ALT+Left Arrow (CMND+Left Arrow) – go to the previous page on your browser without a need to scroll all way up to the back button on your browser. ALT+Right Arrow will bring you forward.

4. Select a file and press F2 (select a file and press ENTER) – a super quick way for you to rename the file on the PC or Mac.

5. WINDOWS+P (CMND+F1) to extend your screen to the external monitor without the need to go through the monitor settings or when you can’t see the screen in the first place.

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