#FridayFive: 5 reasons to choose a local computer store over a chain


Large chain stores can be good and handy if you’re on a lookout for a cheap piece of tech. But there are some of the elements to your purchase that can end up costing you money, time and effort at the end. So, here are some things you might be missing when you prefer a chain store to your local computer shop:

1. Personal service

When you get a computer or a printer at a chain store or a supermarket you usually just pay for it at the counter and off you go, sometimes the sales person at the till doesn’t even now anything about the product in the box. And if you do need a special assistance or a quick set up guide it usually comes at a price at a large shop. Your local computer store will make sure you know what to do with the item when you take it out of the box & will help you get your head around it. We even can show you how to put the inks in the printer the first time around.

2. On-the-spot warranty service

When you need to bring your computer in for repair bigger shops usually send them off to the warranty centre where you will be waiting for weeks to get an answer from. We have a workshop full of engineers right on the premises and we’re also EPSON and TOSHIBA certified to carry out repairs on the spot. And while bigger repairs can take a bit more time during a busy season sometimes we can fix minor problems the same day (something like an iPhone repair for example).

3. Always on-hand IT support

Don’t know what a strange message on your Desktop says? Don’t know how to change the ink on your printer or it’s not printing right? The mouse on your laptop just suddenly stopped working? Our customers call us with these queries all the time and we always have time to guide them through. Would you expect this sort of service from your big-chain shop?

4. Same people, each time

Can’t remember who you talked to when you were buying your computer the last time? it could get confusing when you get to a large shop and the assistants that work shifts change around. In MicroPro our customers know our faces and we know their. We call each other by the name and we learn what you like and most importantly what you understand. We avoid any complicated jargon and use simple words to explain technology if you don’t happen to be savvy. But you know, we can get nerdy too if you’re into that sort of thing.

5. We’ll tailor the products to you

Did you know that we custom-build computers? This is especially popular with schools, but if you’re after a special high-specification computer that you just can’t find off the shelf – we’re your guys. You could also be eyeing a specific laptop but just want to add more RAM or Hard Drive space to it – we can do it there and then with no hassle at all.

Bonus: did you know that we’re dog-friendly? Yes, you don’t have to leave your pooch outside when you visit us, we love dogs and allow them in freely as we’re dog people ourselves.

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