#FridayFive: 5 shortcut tips to use in Google

Now, that you can find anything in Google is a common knowledge. But you can actually find some things much faster than you think. We put a little video together to show you some of the most common Google shortcuts we’re using ourselves and hope you also find them helpful.

Note: if you’re using Google Chrome you just need to type these into the address bar (ie you don’t even need to go to “Google” homepage).

1. Check the weather

Just type in “weather” and the location you’d like to check the weather for and you’ll get the forecast. We’ve checked several times and it’s quite accurate.

2. Convert currency

Simply type the amount in the currency you’re converting and the denominator of the currency you want to convert to and you’ll get the instant number. Alternatively, you can just type “currency converter” and choose the currency you want to convert to from the drop-down menu.

3. Convert units

Need to ml to oz or km into miles? Just type “unit conversion” or type the units you want to convert from the amount and units you want to convert to right into the address bar.

4. Quick translate

Just type in “translate” followed by the word or phrase and the language to translate to and Google will give you an instant answer.

5. Flight times

Check arrivals, departures and flight information quickly by typing in the flight number. You’ll see when the plane is landing, when it has departed and if it’s delayed or not.

Hope you’ll find these shortcuts useful.


MicroPro Computers Team

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