#FridayFive: 5 tips for choosing the best laptop for you


So, you need a new laptop, but at this stage there are so many different brands and options – which one should you go for and what should you be looking for? What if you buy a laptop and it’s replaced by something new and better right after?

We have 5 simple tips for you to help you choose your next new laptop wisely.

1. Why do you need the laptop for?

Let’s start by determining what you’re going to be using a computer for. There are probably main 3 types of computer use: everyday, business and gaming/graphic editing. There are some in between and some mixed uses too, however, these 3 have distinct differences that will affect the price and specification of your computer. So, lay out a list of everything you’re planning to do with the computer and then start looking into particular details that your usage will require.

2. The technical aspect. 

This ties into the previous category: do you need a lot of hard disk space to save your data? Do you need additional RAM to make the computer run faster? Do you need a faster processor or will the slow processor work if you’re only intending to use the computer for word processing? You might need a fast graphics card to run a game or a video editing software, for example, and then you have to look into something quite advanced and something that possibly has quite a large screen.

3. The software. 

Need to use some specific software? If this software comes in the box – look at the back of the box and check the specifications, usually it gives you the minimum requirements for what should be in your computer. Make a list of all the possible programs you might use, most of them have a minimum requirement listed on their FAQ pages on the official pages, and take it from there.

There are some programs (like specific video editing) that might only work on Mac computer or might only work on a PC. Check for these requirements before committing to a purchase. A good computer shop will also be able to tell you what the specific software requires.

3. The practicals. 

Do you need to carry the laptop with you? Do you need a long battery life for travel? Would you rather have a tablet that a computer? Does the computer have to fit in your existing bag? Perhaps, you have a camera that has to work with your new computer or another specific piece of  hardware. Look at some practicalities like this and put them on the list of the things you’ve already made from the previous points.

4. The after care.

When choosing a laptop make sure that you can have it repaired easily if something gets broken. Enquire about the aftercare, ask how long it takes to repair a computer if it’s suddenly is broken. And these things happen no matter how good or how expensive your computer is, so make sure you have a good backup plan. And yes, remember to always have a backup.

And if you’re still confused with what laptop you should get you can always knock on our door. We have a great selection of laptops in store for your everyday usereliable business laptopsaffordable robust laptops and many in between. Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

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