#FridayFive: 5 ways to keep your computer fresh

MicroPro FridayFive Maintenance

Just got a laptop or a computer and want to make sure that it will serve you a good few years? In addition to the timely upgrades like more memory or a new battery, you might want to consider these simple computer maintenance tips too.

1. Make sure you have a proper Anti-Virus when you purchase your laptop

Most of the computers come with the Anti-Virus out-of-the-box. But usually, it’s just a trial version that is installed. A month later, when the trial runs out, you forget to update or upgrade and then it will start letting through some viruses.

When you purchase a laptop from us, we usually set it up for you and get you a Free AVG Anti-Virus that you can easily update. Also, keep all the computer applications updated as much as possible – that will make them run faster and more efficient.

2. Keep it clean

We mean it. If you like putting on make up, eating crisps or drinking coffee or fizzy drinks – you might want to keep those separate from your laptop. While a computer is not as bad (the keyboard on the PC is usually inexpensive if you spill something), the laptop keyboard houses all of the connections underneath it and caked up make up, spilled sugary drinks & crumbs are the most common reasons why some laptops end up in our workshop after stopping working all together. Best – you’d need a keyboard changed, worst – the whole thing will stop working.

3. Keep all the external items out when transporting

If you like carrying your laptop around then you should consider taking out all the USBs, chargers, SD cards or others. If you accidentally drop the carry case or break too hard in the car it might cause all of these to jam inside and potentially harm your laptop. Just take everything out, shut it down and then put it all neatly in the laptop case, preferably in different compartments.

4. Don’t block the fan

Have a laptop? Avoid putting it right on a duvet, bed, lap. Put a book or a magazine under it at least and let it breathe. Have a PC? Make sure it’s not standing right on the carpet or right against the wall. It will collect all of the dust from the floor or the one flying around while you’re hoovering. Oh yes, if you like smoking inside, it’s also a big no no around a laptop or a PC as the ashes & tar can cake up inside them. All of this can cause overheating and very slow performance speeds.

5. Leave it in for a deep clean

You leave your car for service every now and then to make sure that it runs smoothly, right? Well, you ought to do the same to your computer. When you leave your computer for a full service it will be cleaned inside out from all the sneaky little viruses, unneeded programs & files and all the dust will be blown out to avoid overheating. Usually, this takes a day.

If you haven’t done any of these in the last year or so, you probably want to get your computer serviced. it will be cleaned and vamped up and will work almost as new: faster, more efficient and will have a longer life.

Give us a call to check how long it will take for our engineers to give your computer a full service: 01 4949556.

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