#FridayFive: 5 YouTube tricks you should try right now

You don’t have to be a YouTube Pro or a YouTube “creator” to use these tricks. Everyone who uses YouTube to view and share videos can use these. Believe us, we were chuffed when we found these.

1. Create a GIF from a video

Want to share a piece of a funny video on Tumblr or even Facebook (yes, Facebook now supports GIFs for personal profiles). Then this is the way to go about it:

– choose the video you want to turn into GIF

– type “gif” in front of “youtube” part in the address bar

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 09.18.01

– choose the part you want to turn into GIF

– hit “create GIF” and use one of your social logins to post it online.

You’ll then get the share links for Facebook & other medias to share your GIF on.

2. Use YouTube for your next karaoke party. 

If you use Google Chrome browser, you can install Musixmatch add-on for Chrome. Now, when you search for a video on YouTube the add-on will automatically add lyrics on top of it. This app has a very extensive library for most of the popular songs.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 09.32.55


3. Want to find out what song is playing?

Sometimes you watch a YouTube video with a great soundtrack that doesn’t mention an artist in the description. Now, you can easily find the name of the song just by pasting the link to the video into another site called Moom.ash. It doesn’t always find exactly what you want, but it’s quite accurate most of the time.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 09.44.33


4. YouTube just for kids

Need to find something for your children to watch while you’re busy? Just download YouTube for Kids app on your iOS or Android device and it will show you only the content suitable for children with a great selection of full-length cartoons and shows.

5. Hot keys. 

Here are some of the keys to help you operate YouTube like a master Yoda:


  • K — play/pause
  • J — 10 second rewind
  • L — fast forward 10 seconds
  • M — mute
  • press 0 – to go to the start of the video
  • “+” make font bigger
  • “-” make font smaller

Hope these were helpful. For any questions & suggestions – get in touch.

Original source: Adme.ru

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