#FridayFive: Back to School special


The schools are back and we’ve decided to pick up on 5 practical computer-related tips to get you back into gears and stay productive during upcoming months.

1. Pack light. Decide on the day what you need to bring with you – do you really have to bring the laptop today? Do you need both your laptop and a tablet? You can also scan the pages you need from the textbook you’re going to use on the day and view these on your laptop in class to avoid bring all the books with you. Don’t have a laptop and need one? We have a super lightweight laptop with a keyboard dock that turns the laptop into a tablet in a single click – check this TOSHIBA Click Mini in the shop now.

2. Start clean. Is your computer ready for the new school year or is it full of summer memories cramming the Desktop? Make sure you start fresh with the new school year: clear the Desktop, clean up the files and back them up, check all programs for updates, run Anti-Virus scans & check if the fan for overheating. If you don’t know how to handle any of these things – just bring it to us and we’ll do the job.

3. Have the little things ready. You’ve got the computer sorted, little bits like pens, pencils, notebooks too. Do you have enough printer paper for printed assignments? Do you need CDs or DVDs for assignments to be submitted on these? Is there enough ink in the printer? Don’t leave these things for last minute – pop over to the shop and we’ll get you ready.

4. Backup. Backup. Backup twice. We’ll keep on repeating this until it sticks. There are still a lot of people that come to us with requests to restore the data from a computer that’s been damaged, and unfortunately it’s not always possible. So, give yourself cover from the beginning, especially if you’re making an important project – back it up as you go. Use our backup tips and check out this backup drive we have on special right now – perfect for clumsy hands or super active lifestyle.

5. It’s OK to do nothing. No, not all day everyday – just every now and then. Let yourself unwind, just listen to music, meditate or simple, do nothing. Especially, if you’re in a middle of an tough assignment it will help you clear the head up and get back into the pace fresh.

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