Social Media Week is here! And it’s very exciting to get an insight into some of the most effective social media strategies from the best in business and off course share them with the rest.

The first talk of the day was held in a Planetarium – it must have been the biggest PowerPoint (or rather Flash) presentation ever – projected on a spheric walls of the venue – it even felt somewhat futuristic!


MAIN POINT: “Success on facebook = strategy + execution” – define what you want to accomplish, who is your audience, what is your budget, do you want to have promotions or just run customer service?

QUOTED: “Hope is not a strategy” Rick Hope

DETAILS: Timeline communication is the essence of social media interaction.

– Text without visual content does not catch attention or engage

– Pictures always work best! (90% information transmitted to the brain is visual and visual is also processed faster by the brain)

– Promotions and teasers – great to get new followers and award the existing ones but don’t condition your fans only to come to your page for contests

– Comment Management – instead of replying in a corporate manner use the language of your customer (“fan”) to respond to comments. A negative comment can turn in your favor if it’s responded to properly and cooly. And always respond to Facebook comments and messages – if people reach out to you on social media they expect to get an almost instant responce.

– Show off your Facebook team (Shop/company team) – to humanize the company (brand)

– special offers for Facebook fans and coupons work great – but don’t overdo them as of the above promo suggestion

That’s the way your FB picture looks to the fan

INTEGRATION: create synergies / increase awareness / achieve cost savings / reinforce the message

Could a Facebook picture be more efficient than a banner or an ad? Just look at this screenshot:

THINK: What companies do you follow on Facebook and why? People become fans on brands because they are interested in their content. See what pages you like and learn from their strategies.

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