Today I only attended one of the events that caught my attention with a very lucrative headline:

Measure Social media: Measure or die, what you can measure you can manage.

Whad did we learn from it? Not much on how to measure the actual ROI, as everyone expected, but a rtaher insightful presentation on what a great tool Social Media is and what we could learn from it.

“Social Media is a gift to a company” – probably the best quote to describe the essence of this presentation. There’s so much data to pick from the social media and then tailor it to your needs.

Once again, personalisation was strongly highlighted (see report on Day 2 event and the power of personalisation on LinkedIn). As well as the fact that you need to know your audience in order to engage with them – do your research, use keywords and read into data you collect from the Social Media channels.

How to tell an engaging story? Our presenter suggested to use a classic Screenplay Structure to tell engaging stories. Here’s the example of it if you’re not failiar with it.

I don’t think that everyone got the real point behind it – especially after days of being suggested to keep textual content on pages as short as possible to create the most engaging content – but a story could also be told with pictures, right?

Help and ancourage people online instead of just throwing marketing messages out. Noone likes to be hit in the face with a billboard. Instead, communicate with people. Social Networks ar just for that – socializing and engaging in a dialogue.

Becoming a brand ambassador. Even engaging with as little as 5% of your fans/followers can get you further as these are the people who will then use word-of-mouth to tell other about the great job you are doing. Another reason to speak to individual rather than sending out a mass message.

Finally, as many might have wondered that all this listening, analyzing and having a smple comversation might take an awful amount of time. Yes, it does – but while you might choose not to do all of this, another business, similar to yours will and will easily take over the competition. Making an extra effort always pays off even if you won’t see a queue of customers outside the door the first day you sign up to Facebook getting a word about you out there will eventually bring business to you.

I really hope that these insights are helpful to you and your business. I got to learn a lot over this week from people who do great work in various industry sectors – and I am looking forward working with some of teh suggestions. Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.


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