Stay safe online: CryptoLocker

Have this thing just popped on your screen?

Please note: this is a virus and it can not be trusted. We have a lot of customers coming in with their computers right now complaining about this CryptoLocker thing.

CryptoLocker is a type of malware – it’s a little bugger of a malicious software that you can get by opening a wrong e-mail (for example).

First off, if you ever get an e-mail from services like your phone company, bank and so on – don’t open them. Your official services never contact you over e-mail. They send letters.

Second, never trust anything that is asking you for money out of a sudden in a pop-up. When in doubt – just give us a call on 01 4949556.

OK, so you got the CryptoLocker thing on your screen anyway. How to deal with this? Here are a couple of steps:

Download the following tools first then disconnect machine from network

1. To remove the cryptolocker virus run the Sophos removal tool
It can be downloaded from below:

2. After removal tool has completed download the CryptoPrevent installer tool

Install and then click block:

If you don’t know how to proceed with the above, switch off your computer and bring it to us, or just give us a call first. We’ll be able to sort you out.

Please stay safe and only open e-mails that you are waiting for and know that you can trust.

Don’t have AntiVirus on your computer? Install AVG Free

We also recommend Malwarebytes to protect you against malware:

Questions? Comments? Get in touch. leave a comment below.


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