TOSHIBA Encore WT8 Tablet – MicroPro April’s bestseller

So, you’re looking for a new tablet and don’t know which one to get? You want something that’s not made from cheap plastic, the screen doesn’t glare horribly in the sun and at the same time it doesn’t hurt your pocket terribly? We might have just about what you’re after.

Watch the video above to learn about the benefits of the TOSHIBA WT8 or read on to find out why this should be your new tablet.

TOSHIBA WT8 comes in an 8″ version – that’s an 8″ entertainment & productivity centre. Here are just some of the top selling-points for this specific tablet:

1. Software. The WT8 comes with a Windows 8 for the operating system, so you won’t have to learn anything new if you haven’t used a tablet before. It’s as easy as using your stationary computer. And dare we mention that it comes with the Office 365 Personal 1 year license? This means that you can get on creating your Word, Excel & PowerPoint documents right out of the box.

2. Battery. Even with the video running at full-speed on the background this tablet will give you up to 8.5 hours of battery. So, no need to stress out looking for an outlet when you’re right in the middle of your favorite series marathon.

3. Sound. No matter how you hold the tablet you will always get the perfectly clear sound with the advance Dolby Digital Plus speakers. Super realistic sound for a truly immersive experience.

4. Connections. This TOSHIBA tablet will connect to anything, and you don’t need an array of expensive model-only extensions for that. This tablet comes with the standard micro-USB and micro-SD connections, which also means that you can put in an extra micro-SD card to come up with an extra storage (for movies, series & music).

5. Style. This tablet comes in a classy Matte Satin finish that’s not only pretty to look at but it’s also sturdy and quite prone to the fingerprints.

Come and take a look at the tablet for yourself and see why it’s our April’s bestseller!

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